Speed up your XP Installation…


This trick will help you to speed up your Win XP installation a bit. It helps to finish the XP installation quickly and save 15-20 minutes on every install.


1. Boot with XP CD/DVD.

2. Format your target drive (i.e. C:) with NTFS QUICK.

3. When all the setup files are copied, the system re-boots.

4. Now the installation starts and shows you about 39 minutes remaining time. Here, press SHIFT+F10, this will bring Command Prompt Window.

5. In command window, type “taskmgr”, this will bring GUI of Task Manager to your screen.

6. Go to the “Processes” tab, right-click on “setup.exe”, select “Set Priority” and then select “Above Normal

7. Close the Task Manager Window and exit the Command Prompt typing “exit” and Enter.


Happy Quick XP Installing 😉


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