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Google Launches ‘Constitute’ Site for Exploring World’s Constitutions



In the past, it’s been difficult to access and compare existing constitutional documents and language but now you can now read, search, and compare 160 constitutions from around the world on a single website launched by Google last Monday.

The site, developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project of Google, has digitized the constitutions of 160 countries, making them fully searchable. A user can browse the constitutions using nearly 350 curated tagged topics like religion, political parties, or civil and political rights; or simply search by year or country.

The idea behind the project was to make the world’s constitutions easily available to people in countries drafting new constitutions, to give them a chance to see what others have done in the past. It also allows regular citizens to explore their own country’s constitution.
The project is intended to streamline the process of drafting and writing a new constitution.