iPadian – iPad simulator for windows

iPadian is a very handy and robust iPad simulator for windows


Screen Shot One


Screen Shot Two

Screen Shot Three




  • Standalone Adobe air application
  • Full Screen preview
  • Custom App Store
  • Games
  • Free music & videos
  • Webkit browser
  • Support Facebook notification & messages
  • Social Chat 
For reviews and question visit Facebook page : http://facebook.com/ipadian

The project is open source , for any contribution contact: ipadianews@gmail.com

Add-On Compatibility Reporter : You can still use your favorite “Incompatible” Firefox Extensions



After installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, your incompatible extensions will become enabled for you to test
whether they still work with the version of Firefox or Thunderbird that you’re using. If you notice that one of your add-ons
doesn’t seem to be working the same way it did in previous versions of the application, just open the Add-ons Manager
and click Compatibility next to that add-on to send a report to Mozilla.

Even if your add-ons all work fine, if they’re marked incompatible, please let us know that they work fine by submitting a
success report so we can encourage the add-on developer to update their compatibility information.

We’ll collect all of the reports and let add-on developers know what users are having problems with, or if their add-ons
seem to work just fine in future versions of the product.

If you encounter problems and want to disable your incompatible add-ons again, uninstalling the Add-on Compatibility
Reporter should revert to your previous compatibility checking settings.


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